Saturday, March 12, 2005

ACC Tournament Game Report

As soon as Ilian Evtimov's attempted alley-oop (soccer throw-in style) fell into the net for a 3-pointer, many Wake fans knew that it was not to be. Evtimov's hot hand, Julius Hodge's personal quest for revenge against Wake, and a lack of Chris Paul combined to bounce Wake Forest from the ACC Quarterfinals on Friday.

NC State started off hot, but slowed down as Wake came back from a couple of first half deficits to tie the game at the half, 38-38. However, a stretch at the beginning of the first half in which several Wake turnovers led to easy layups and dunks by Cameron Bennerman and Andrew Brackman of the Wolfpack sealed the result. A 10-0 run by the Pack made it 51-44, and Wake would never get closer than 5 points the rest of the way, as NC State sunk its free throws to extend the final margin to 16.

Now, the Deacs are left to watch and wait as some combination of Illinois, UNC, Kentucky, Duke, Wake Forest, and Louisville will make up the 4 #1 seeds on Selection Sunday.

Points - Gray 17, Williams 17
Rebounds - Williams 8, Danelius 6
Assists - Downey 4, Gray 4

Julius Hodge - 22 points, 8 rebounds