Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wake Heads to Cleveland for NCAAs

The Chris Paul suspension proved to be more harmful than Wake fans originally thought, as Wake's loss to NC State plus conference tournament championship victories by Duke and Washington cost Wake Forest the #1 seed that it had held all season long.

Instead, Wake will head to Cleveland on Thursday and Saturday as the #2 seed in the Albuquerque regional to face 15th-seeded Chattanooga. A Deacon victory would match them up with either #7 West Virginia or #10 Creighton, and possible matchups loom with #3 Gonzaga, #4 Louisville, #5 Georgia Tech, or #1 Washington. (By the way, the possible second round game between GT and Louisville is one of the most intriguing matchups of the entire tournament, in what should be an amazing battle.)

Several ESPN analysts picked Wake to make it to the Final Four, with a couple sending us all the way to the championship game. Any thoughts or comments about Wake's seed and possible tournament chances?